The reconstruction of the railway Belgrade-Niš, section Stalać – Đunis

Reconstruction and modernization of the existing railway line and construction of a second track of the Belgrade-Niš, section Stalać-Đunis, Conceptual design, IPA 2011-WBIF-Infrastructure Project – Serbia Transport WB8-SER-TRA-14, EuropeAid 131160/C/SER/MULTI/3C, Avgust 2015

Client: AD Železnice Srbije

Street: Nemanjina 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Description: The subject section of the railway from Stalaća to Đunis in the lenght of about 19 km, is part of Pan-European Corridor X, the international railway Belgrade – Nis. The railway goes through the valley of the Južna Morava river which goes through Mojsinjske mountain forming Stalaćka gorge which has become a predisposed direction for road and rail transport. The design report was done on the basis of an analysis of existing documentation, of the newly field research and analysis of the results of laboratory tests which were carried out in the period from 03.02.-02.09.2015. year. Having regard to the field conditions, the type and shape of the object was performed reconnaissance of the terrain:

– 21 (twenty one) boreholes with a total length 196.20 m,
– 25 (twenty five) SPT experiments in exploration boreholes,
– 13 (thirteen) static penetration tests CPT, total length of 90.80 m,
– Taking of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples and determination of the level of groundwater,
– 6 (six) exploration pits of 1.50 m,
– 6 (six) experiment by Light Drop Tester infection
– Trenching or recording of the offshoots on the portals 6 pcs,
– Geoelectrical probe on 55 pieces,
– Geophysical tests on 17 profiles
– Seismic tests on 14 profiles.

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