Geotechnical design report of terrain researces for construction of wind towers

Geotechnical design report about geological and geotechnical field investigations for the purpose of creating of the preliminary and main construction project of the newly projected pillars of wind towers within the wind farm Alibunar 1.

Investor: “WINDVISION Windfarm A” Llc.

Description: On the territory of Alibunar – in the village of Seleuš and Vladimirovac, where was planned construction of wind towers for wind farm “Alibunar 1” were carried out detailed engineering geological investigations. For purposes of defining the geotechnical conditions for construction of new projected piers was performed geological and geotechnical documentation, in an area of approximately 2,000 hectares. The study was done by the Project of Geology and geotechnical field research, whose technical control was done by the University of Mining and Geology, deparman Geotechnic and on wich was given the approval.
It was done a total of 33 exploration boreholes, 33 static penetration (for foundation of wind turbines) and 27 exploration pits (for foundation of plateau).
Also was carried out geophysical tests along the geoelectric profiles.
Measured the seventeen (17) points of the geolectrical sonding with the electrode procedure of semi-span between electrode AB / 2 to 60 meters, with an azimuth of geoelectrical profiles, approximately north-south. The method wich was used is Schlumberger’s symmetrical arrangement of current and potential electrodes ie, A – MN -B. Having in mind the dimensions and the static system of the facilities, as the only possible way of funding was adopted deep foundation on drilled piles.

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