Laboratory testing

Geomehanika Co. Llc. Belgrade

Experiments of the identification and classification:

– Determination of moisture content of soil samples
– Determination of bulk density of soil by a known volume of a cylinder
– Determination of bulk density of soil in place by the method of calibrated sand
– Determination of bulk density of the material without the pore
– Determination of granulometry composition
– Determination of the consistency of the soil – Aterberg borders
– Determination of carbonate content
– Determination of the combustible and organic material of the soil

Experiments of the resistance-deformable characteristics of soil samples:

– Direct shear test
– Determination of soil compressibility
– Determination of soil volume change
– Determination of compressive strength of soil
– Experiments compaction and bearing capacity of soil
– Laboratory determination of the California bearing ratio
– Determination of dry bulk density and optimal humidity
– Chemical tests
Concrete Testing: Determination of concrete sample strenght on pressure
– Determination of uniaxial strength of solid rock mass (rock samples) to the determination of elastic modules
– “Brazilian” experiment on solid rock masses
– Triaxial experiment in hard rock masses

Based on the contract of business and technical cooperation, the chemical analysis of soil and water, was performed by the Institute for Health Protection in Belgrade..

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