Field research

Field research – Geomehanika LLC Belgrade

Geophysical surveys:

– Seismic microzonation
– Geoelectrical field testing
– Data processing with report development

Field work:

– Cone penetration test CPT (20 T / 200kN)
– CPTU test – cone penetration with measurement of pore pressure
– Mechanical exploration drilling
– Installation of piezometric structures and hydrogeological testing of boreholes
– Excavation of exploration pits
– Detailed engineering-geological mapping of the core from exploration boreholes and pits
– Soil sampling
– Dynamic penetration
– Detailed engineering-geological mapping of the exploration area
– Field determination of CBR
– Professional supervision during the execution of field works
– Determination of compressibility modulus by circular plate method
– Determination of deformation modulus by circular plate load
– Measurement of gas (Gas monitoring) (CH4) (CO2) (O2)


Our equipment:

For the purpose of design in structural and road engineering, company Geomehanika has a complete “in-situ” equipment for geotechnical investigations and laboratory equipment for geomechanical soil testing:

– Static penetrometer “Pagani” TG 73-200 with nominal force 200 kN,
– Static penetrometer “Pagani” TG 73-200 with nominal force 200 kN
– Drilling rig “Fraste Multidrill PL.G”
– “Gazela” truck 4×4,
– Light drop tester ZFG 02-3,
– Attested circular plate Ø300mm,
– Laboratory for testing of soil samples, and within it the complete equipment for identification/classification tests, equipment for determination of strength parameters, deformation characteristics, parameters of bearing capacity and material compactness,
– Digitized hydraulic press with capacity 3,000 kN, Hoek’s cell. Electrical extensiometers for measuring of the elastic modulus in rock / concrete
– Instrument for seismic exploration M.A.E. A6000S
– Instrument for geo-electrical tests M.A.E. A6000E
kompletnu opremu za identifikaciono-klasifikaciona ispitivanja, opremu za određivanje parametara čvrstoće i deformabilnih karakteristika, opremu za određivanje parametara nosivosti i zbijenosti materijala,
– Digitalizovana hidraulična presa kapaciteta 3000 kN. Hoek-ova ćelija .Električni extensiometri za merenje elastičnih modula u stenama/betonima
– Kamion Mercedes ACTROS 8×4,
– Instrument za seizmička ispitivanja M.A.E. A6000S,
– Instrument za geoelektrična ispitivanja M.A.E. A6000E

Geomehanika also has field equipment for testing of road pavement:
– Skid resistance and friction tester “Skid Tester” and “Benkelman” beam apparatus.


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