Road design – Geomehanika LLC Belgrade

Design and reconstruction of roads and supporting structures

Designing in road engineering is reflected in the design of interurban roads, urban roads of all ranks and priorities, supporting structures which are the part of roads (retaining walls, gabion structures, tunnels, etc.).
In addition to preliminary and detailed design of new roads, we have great experience in the development of rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing roads. Our professional team has experience in Serbia and in the region, which includes preparation of large road projects and design of road pavement.

As a part of the design, we are preparing studies of environmental protection in the field of civil engineering, project management in the field of civil engineering, as well as supervision of works and quality control.

The expert team in our company uses a software package Plateia for the design of new roads and reconstruction (rehabilitation) of existing roads, so that the preparation of layout plans, leveling plans, longitudinal and cross sections and analysis of vehicle passability is very efficient and fast.

Our expert team works in close connection and excellent business cooperation with investors because we realized that modern business requires an understanding of all of interested, in order to obtain the optimal solution.

Get familiar with the projects that we have worked on: