Security of the excavation of foundation pit

The main project for securing of the excavation of the foundation pit and adjacent building

Object: Family residential building Belgrade

Street: Hadži Milentijeva 67, cadastral parcel 3876 KO Vračar

Investor: Miroslav Skulić

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 70, Novi Beograd

Description: Before working on fundamental excavation for the building of the construction, it was necessary to secure the excavation at the bottom of the parcel and on the part along the adjacent parcel 3877 (Hadži Milentijeva street 65) to avoid collapse of the soil, which would jeopardize the excavation and adjacent facilities . To provide the foundation pit on the part of the building where the pool is planned in the basement, was adopted supporting structure of drilled piles made of reinforced concrete Ø400mm. On the part of the object with an adjacent object in the street Hadži Milentijeva 65, was planed the protection of excavation with retaining wall.

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