Reconstruction of the Subotica – Horgoš railway

Study of validity with conceptual project of reconstruction and modernization of the railway Subotica-Horgoš-border with Hungary HUSRB / 1203/111/038, Book 4. Geotechnical design report, notebook 1. route – October 2014.

Investor: Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina – Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality

Street: Mihajlo Pupin 16; 21000; Serbia.

User: “Železnice Srbije” a.d. (Joint Stock Company “Serbian Railways”)

Street: Nemanjina 6; 11000 Belgrade; Serbia

Description: The geotechnical design report was done on the basis of an analysis of existing documents and on the carried out field research and analysis of the results of laboratory tests which were carried out in the period from 28.04.-11.05.2014. year. The exploration area is located in the extreme north of the country, near the state border with the Republic of Hungary. The terrain is mostly plain, monotonous morphology with mild undulate and depressions. On the railway with a total length of 26.60 km for the reconstruction, there is one (1) the underpass, 4 (four) overpasses, 19 (nineteen) railway crossings and 17 (seventeen) small objects wich lengths up to five meters.

Having regard to the field conditions, the type and shape of the object was derived:

– Reconnaissance of the terrain,
– 134 exploration pits,
– 132 DCP experiment in exploratory pits at the level of the sub-base,
– 56 exploratory trench
– 11 exploration boreholes to the depth of 10.00 m and 11 static penetration for reconstruction of existing objects, which will be used in the preparation of longitudinal and transverse profile of the route.
– Taking of disturbed soil samples and determination of the level of groundwater,
– Geoelectrical V.E.S. , 258 tests.

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