Project of the rehabilitation of the landslides

The project for the building permit for the rehabilitation of landslide at primary school, „Borivoje Milojević“ u Likodri, municipality Krupanj, cadastral parcels 1672/1, 1672/2 and 1671/2 k.O. Likodra

Investor: Municipality of Krupanj

Street: Marsala Tita 2, Krupanj

Description: During the heavy rainfall in May 2014., landslide was activated and seriously damaged the House of culture and endangered the building of the school. As the main rehabilitation method is construction of a retaining wall on piles wich is located above the school on the hillside. The supporting structure consists of piles in the lower part and upper parts wich was made of pile capping beam and a retaining wall. As secondary rehabilitation method is construction of a retaining wall of the stand directly beneath the school and digging of the drainage channels on the slope above the school which is affected by sliding.

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