Research works for the needs of the construction of bypass railway around the city of Nis.

This project, which is declared a project of special importance for the Republic of Serbia by the conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, will enable the relocation of freight railway traffic from the center of Nis, completion of electrification of Corridor X through Serbia and enabling more reliable and faster railway traffic through Serbia.

– April, 2021. –


Geotechnical research for the needs of reconstruction and modernization of the railway on the section Nis – Brestovac.

– April, 2021. –

At the location of the Port of Prahovo, field researches were performed for the purpose of designing a new vertical dock.

The works were performed from the shore and from the water.

Performing works from the water was specific and demanding. In compliance with safety measures, in extremely complex circumstances, the works were performed successfully, in accordance with the standards.

– March, 2021. –

In order to constantly improve our services, we are proud of the new machine within the field equipment.

It is a device for measuring the deflection of pavement constructions (FVD) of the Danish manufacturer Sweco Danmark A/S.

A fully digitalized measurement system enables high productivity of the machines.

– March, 2021. –

Performance of geotechnical exploration work

for the purpose of construction of apartments and outdoor swimming

within the tourist complex “Fruske terme”, in Vrdnik.

– September, 2020. –

The geotechnical exploratory drilling for the needs of making the detailed regulation plan for SUBWAY IN BELGRADE has been successfully completed.

Regardless of the state of emergency and limited movement, thanks to the most modern field equipment and professional team,  our company managed to perform all the planned works in a very short time.

– May, 2020. –

Thanks to successfully completed projects within the project “Belgrade Waterfront”,

our company is again engaged in order to perform geomechanical researches for the purpose of construction residential and commercial buildings within the project “Belgrade Waterfront” – plot 23 and plot 25.

-January, 2020. –

As part of the project “Belgrade Waterfront”, at the microlocation Plot 12a ,


our company was engaged in order to perform the Static Penetration Test with measurement of pore pressures (CPTU test).

-November, 2019. –


Performance of geotechnical exploration work

for the purpose of designing a new stadium for “FK Vojvodina” in Novi Sad (Karadjordje stadium).


The stadium will satisfy the requirements for the UEFA 4* category and will have a capacity of 17.000-18.000 spectators.



– October, 2019. –

Geotechnical field works in the urban city area are often very problematic to perform, mostly due to the narrow passageways and the impossibility to access the microlocation.

In order to overcome this problem, our company complemented equipment with new machine

FRASTE MULTIDRILL SL-G DRILLING, which is only 80cm wide.

– August, 2019. –

Our company again has the honor to be part of the project related to the construction of the Belgrade Waterfront.

Near to the planned Belgrade Tower (height of 168m, with two underground floors and 44 floors),  and for the needs of building a console above the Sava river, geotechnical investigations are currently ongoing. Geotechnical investigations includes drilling boreholes of maximum depths up to 44m, as well as penetration for anchor blocks (CPTUs).

– June, 2019. –

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